and then there was SUN

(Was being the operative word) Sun for three days, beautiful sun.  It got to 70 degrees on Friday.  I spent part of my work day walking posters for the farmers market around to the down town businesses.  It was beautiful.

The weekend is here so we are back in the 50’s and raining.  I did manage to get the pool cleaned today.  There have been so many raccoons visiting lately and as you know they leave a mess behind.  They have been tramping through the garden, the muddy wet garden and then washing off in the pool.  Because of all the mud it was harder to vacuum up, it wasn’t just the usual particles settling in the bottom.  It made it more difficult to get it all up and tomorrow what everything that was disturbed has resettled I will be able to finish up.  While I’m out there tomorrow I will be able to clean up the broken light that one of them dislodged while climbing onto the shed and it crashed to the ground.

I want to get a garden in, the weather is just not cooperating.  The ground is pretty saturated and cold.  I may drop seeds in this week and with positive thinking just will them to grow.  Lets just hope those three days of sun were not it for the year.

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