Sacramento Jazz Festival

My second out of four days here was spent at the jazz festival.  It was the 38th year for this event and it is a well loved and well attended event.

We spent 12 hours or so in Old Sac and I love it there even when there is not a jazz festival going on.

We stopped for breakfast and coffee and went through the guide, deciding on who to go see partially by descriptions but mostly on what sounded good by the title.

Our first stop was Shelly Burns and the Avalon Kings at the Depot.  It was good and we watched this older couple dancing as each venue had a stage.  It was there that Chari noticed Chris and Kathy, they are the older sisters of her best friend growing up.  they are members of the jazz society and knew all the best places to go.  So we ended up following them from venue to venue.  We did get rained on which was cold but Chari bought us sweatshirts and we just kept on going.

When we got home the neighbors that she shares a courtyard with (she refers to as “the garden” – must be said with bad british accent) were having a party.  So we went across and visited, I had some sangria and met her neighbors and some friends they have in common.

Going to bed close to 1am led to a slow start on Sunday.  We walked over to Fox and Goose, another one of my favorite places.  It reminds me of London, but with much better food.  Kris met us there and we had breakfast before walking back home.   Most of the rest of the day was spent sitting in the sunshine, soaking up vitamin D.

One Response to “Sacramento Jazz Festival”

  1. chari Says:

    Sounds like a lovely visit. What a great place to live? Ever think of moving thete? ; )

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