Well there may be a garden after all

What a busy weekend.  Friday night was spent baking cupcakes, making frosting and making sugar flowers.  Saturday morning I got up and frosted the mini cupcakes I has made for a fund-raiser for the Des Moines Farmers Market opening then Viv and I went down to the opening.  The Mayor spoke as did the president of our market.  They were both opening the market and honoring Riki who won market manager of the year last year.

We hung out there for an hour and I wanted to stay longer it was perfect market weather.  But I had to get home and frost the wedding cupcakes and then get them delivered.  The delivery took longer then I thought and I am glad Viv was there to help.  The caterer was supposed to be there to help me set them up but they were not there.  Viv separated the tulip papers that they were to be placed in.  I put them in the papers and placed them on a six-foot round table.  Then the two of us rearranged them so that not all of the same flower or same flavors were to grouped together.  It took about an hour and the caterer was still not there when we left.

By the time I was home and settled it was almost 4pm.  The plan was to do some yard work, I did a little weeding out from but I just couldn’t get in a groove.  I was to tired and just did my laundry and puttered around for a few hours before baking a cake due today, Sunday.

Sunday started by frosting and decorating a cake for a little girls birthday party.  This is one of my farmers market customers who had my card from last year.  Then I headed to the park to walk with Charla/Frankie and Azea/Bailey.  I boxed up the cake for delivery when I got back and the frosting had settled.

Delivery was close by and it took under 30 minutes to get there and get back.  Ready to get started in the yard but Spyder was missing.  He had gotten under the gate and was out gallivanting the neighborhood.  Majorinor freak out and I hit the road to look for him.  I called Dale at work to let him know, not to freak him out but if he got a call from someone who found him he would know.  Of course, it also worried him.  It took about 30 minutes and I stopped to ask if he had been seen and he was in a womans arms and they were indeed calling Dale.  All was well and the moved board from under the gate was replaced.

Finally on to some yard work, I pulled tons of knot week and weeded most of the raised beds and PLANTED tomato starts, walla walla onion starts, yellow and green zucchini and cucumber seeds.  I still want to plant more and have some empty beds but am stoked that something is actually in.  Now for the weather to cooperate!

It was nearing 8pm and I had to run so I spent an hour on the treadmill.  This week both markets open, I also have two evening first aid classes that are 4 hours each.  It is going to be a very busy week.  Getting in this run will help with getting in more later in the week.

Finally, just for good measure here is my 365 picture for today.

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