Day One, Part II and III

There have been a lot of day ones around here.  Now that all three farmers markets have started and I have the first days under my apron I am looking forward to falling into a schedule.  I was going to say “normal” schedule but bwahahaha, yea right.

I baked on Friday (with lots of help from Viv) for my first market day selling in Des Moines.  The weather cooperated on Saturday and it was a great first day.  It was fun to be recognized and I sold out of cupcakes, there were some cookies left however.  I got a cake order for next week and spent some time talking to a few of the vendors to see if they wanted to come to my Sunday market and got a pasta vendor try come try the market today.

After unloading I went shopping for the first day of the new market (with lots of help from Katherine) buying tents, tables, garbage cans, chairs, gear and having a dinner triangle made.  Brainstorming with Katherine and Jerry at Lowes he took a metal pole into the back room and bent it into a triangle, leaving the end opened as asked.  I put it together at home and it was a “hit” today.

Today was day one part three.  It was the start of the brand new market.  There was a lot to do in the last month and week to get here and it was a great first day.  Through customer counts I am estimating 600 people through the market today which is not bad for a market that has never existed before today.

Now that all three markets are up and going, I have a few cake orders for the week and hope to get situated into a schedule or the summer.  For now, here are some random shots from the weekend.

Now I’m off to do laundry and a few chores, maybe soak my sore little feet.

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