Three part-time jobs (one of which seriously seems full-time – except for the pay) leaves me no time to blog.

My markets are up and running, but still take a ton of coordination, preparation and reporting.  I am falling into a better schedule and setting some better boundaries.  Last Friday I thought I would have a pretty chill day since I had the day off but wasn’t baking for the market on Saturday.  Instead I had two other orders and what seemed like a heck of a lot of running around.  I went downtown to check in for the Marathon on Saturday.  It wasn’t until the next day that it occurred to me I should have taken the light rail instead of dealing with the traffic and parking.  Once I got the two cupcake orders delivered, Jody and Paola arrived from Minnesota.  We went out for dinner at Vinces (so what if its cliché to have pasta before a marathon, it was yummy.) then pretty much back home and to bed.

Saturday morning came hella early.  Again with the sucky traffic although parking was pre-paid but we made it onto one of the last shuttles back to the starting gate.  I was pretty far back from Jody and Paola based on pace and didn’t get started until at least an hour after them.  Once I finished I back tracked a little so I could cheer Jody on as she did the entire 26.2 miles in 5 hours and ROCKS.

Sunday was the market again, a very frustrating day because half of my vendors did not show up.  But the weather was beautiful and there were at least 1000 visitors.  All and all a successful day which ended with the first BBQ of the Summer.  It was a BBQ that I had very little to do with except for the venue and some asparagus.  I bought three bunches at the market and we only ended up using one.  Jody and Paola got burger stuff and invited their friends who live here to come down.  I texted Mary and Mercy, Briana and Tonya, and Vivian and Azea.  By the time I got home from work there was a BBQ going.  Beer being consumed, burgers both cow and veggie being grilled.  Once it was dark and people were heading out my brother Dale picked and cleaned everything up.  So the first Summer BBQ was not planned by me, cooked by me, paid for by me or cleaned up by me and completely spontaneous.  Pretty Awesome!

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