Friends / Flowers

I’m not even sure how to describe today.  It was muggy!  The wind was coming from the South which is different for here so it was bringing the heat from California or something.  There were clouds so it wasn’t hot because of sun but it was hot because of the mugginess.  The shower when I got home to wash off the muggy, sweaty, dusty mess felt like a spa day.

Today was a fabulous day at the market.  We had over 3,300 people through also 52 vendors.  It wasn’t raining and was quite busy.  The surprise people through were Joy and Stephen.  I haven’t seen Joy in over a year and nearly the same with Stephen.  I am making great friends with the volunteers and it was just a good day all around.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t have problems to settle.  But all in all it was good.

I bought a pizza from the hand-made pizza guy, its in the fridge for dinner tomorrow.  I got flowers for the house and at this point am getting two to four bouquets a week and it is both fabulous to have a house full of flowers and also kind of a pain when they start droping leaves.  I fear if this keeps up I may look like a funeral parlor around here.

Tomorrow I don’t work.  Anywhere.  Not the city, not the market, no baking jobs.  I am so excited for tomorrow that I am taking my worn out tired self to bed so tomorrow hurries up and gets here.

One Response to “Friends / Flowers”

  1. -br Says:

    Have a fabulous, well deserved, day off!

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