July (aka Summer) has arrived

The weather has been awesome this week and by all accounts should be for at least the next couple.  I actually hooked up the hoses and had to water the garden for the first time this year.  There is something so zen about standing there with the hose watering my vegetables, fruit and flowers.

I spent a good part of today weeding and watering the garden and cleaning the pool.  It was good to have a day off (or rather one I didn’t have to go into the office and my phone only rang 4 times) granted I had to work extra on Thursday to prepare for both markets this week and will have a bunch to catch up on when I go back in but today was great.

So much of my garden did not go in this year.  I have tomatoes and squash and the usual perennial herb garden.  The fruit which is the smartest thing to plant cause it’s always there.  Both of my plum trees are covered with green plums and the new apple tree has tiny apples on it.  I munched on not quite ripe raspberries while I watered today and there are lots of strawberries that the Raccoons keep stealing.  At this point, I may just start the winter garden early.  The summer garden didn’t go in this cold, wet, busy spring but I bet I can get a good fall/winter crop going.

It was so nice to work out there in the 75 degree weather all day.  Having my hands in the dirt and time for my thoughts is exactly what I needed to get ready for the week.  It’s hard to believe it is July already, the market season is 25% over…HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??  I am having a great time, but this is the busiest “part-time” job I have ever heard of.  I’m sure I wouldn’t feel so busy if I weren’t vending at my local market.  But then again, I would need another part-time job.

July 4th was certainly my independence day.  Spent most of it alone, doing exactly what I wanted to do.

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