My full-time part-time job

Seriously is anyone still reading this blog?  Because all I seem to do for the past few years is talk about work, talk about cake, talk about work, talk about cake-as-work, talk about work some more.  Oh wait, talk about how I don’t have anytime for the garden or any of my “old” hobbies…….lets not forget that.

Clearly now is not the time to break from tradition, I guess I’ll talk about my fullpart-time job.  This 30 hour a week job is demanding, and now hectic because it is actually market season.  At least the actual “work” is easy.  I have visions of a calmer fall and winter but need to remember this job is still only a limited term and I may not have a next season so I shouldn’t get to comfortable with that “calmer fall” fantasy I have going on.

I do have to say I found time for my garden last week, time to swim, time for the dog park and of course time for the “other” part-time job of baking and vending.  The markets are also falling into a pattern so it’s getting easier to get organized and get most everything done.  Of course there are things that throw that pattern, such as the 4th of July holiday or tomorrows meeting, but things are smoothing out and I am having a good time.

Needless to say I love the idea of a part-time job.  Where I have more time for life, friends, adventures and hobbies.  But that would have to be a part-time job that could actually pay for all of those things and it might be easier to teach Paris Hilton to quilt then find that job.  Instead I will make the two part-time jobs I have work and start looking for another part-time job for when the market is over.  Maybe it’s time to put that bartending license to use.

4 Responses to “My full-time part-time job”

  1. Johnnie O. Says:

    I read your blog. How are you doing?

    • V_Lo Says:

      Hey JO. I am hanging in there. How are you? Gearing up for 2nd QTR peak I’m sure.

      • Johnnie O. Says:

        Yes. More XBRL filers, many more headaches. Still crazy as ever….

        Are you vending in Des Moines or Renton? I’m on split right now.

  2. mary montgomery Says:

    OR….perhaps you colud parlay your dog sitting into actual dog(rather human) training.There is actually a course one can take to become a “certified” trainer. Just a thought.

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