Today was my day off. So many plans and chores to get through. I did strip my bed and do the laundry and twelve hours later the clean sheets are piled on my bed in a heap. There was some minor level cleaning, emptying the dishwasher and such. But with the rain this morning I quickly bailed on the idea of doing any yard work and spent several hours watching the Women’s World Cup semi-finals. Both games in fact.

By the middle of the afternoon my hopes for an efficient and productive day were winding down and I decided to save the day by going to yoga. It has been six weeks or so (yea about the time the market started) since I have been. It was fantastic and about 3 minutes into the 75 minute class I was able to focus on my practice and breathing and for the first time on my “day-off” I didn’t think about work and my endless to do list.

A quick stop at Trader Joes after class to pick up a few things for tomorrows baking order and I caught my 365 photo when I left.

So yoga and the rainbow were a great way to end the evening. Now that I’ve remembered I still need to make my bed before going and getting into it, guess I’ll go do that now.

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