Riddled with complaint

I am so cold.  Today was a very difficult day at work.  It rained nearly the entire day, my sweatshirt was wet and therefore I was damp and cold all day.  There wasn’t a lot of running around to do to keep me warm because it was so slow.  I walked around, I talked to the vendors, I talked to the few visitors that were there but mostly vendors stood under their tents trying to stay out of the rain and waiting for the next visitor.

So you’re picturing all that right….I am wet and cold and tired (separate complaint) and I am not seeing the Women’s World Cup because I am at work and I can accept that.  But on occasion I check twitter to see if there is an update on the game, there was, tied and in extra time.  But the tweet that catches my eye is: “Heat wave forecast this week for most of the central and eastern USA”  seriously.  Where is Summer.  Whomever stole Spring has also hijacked Summer.  Usually if there is a July rain, its at least warm.  So not the case today.

I don’t really like to complain, we all do it however and right now it’s all I have in me.  So I will throw this out there at the same time and get it over with in one sucky complainy and downright pitiful blog post so I can just move one.

Yesterday’s market I did not clear the cost of my ingredients!  After paying for my stall fee I was seventeen bucks under what I had put out for just the ingredients.  However…..I did get a couple of cake orders for August 6th and a few other leads so it was still worth being there.  Although I don’t regret baking all day Friday to sell on Saturday, I wish I had skipped it.  I could have worked in the yard either or both days and I would have gotten more sleep.

So I am taking my cold tired self into a hot bubble bath and heading to bed.  I have an early meeting in downtown Seattle tomorrow morning and haven’t driven in rush hour traffic in the morning for a long time.

3 Responses to “Riddled with complaint”

  1. Charla Rupp Says:

    yay for baths and it feels like a holiday with two posts i loved seeing your baked stuff!

  2. Katherine Says:

    I thought about you several times as I looked out at the rain during the day. Sounds like we need to find you a light, waterproof jacket. Sorry it was a sucky day. That grey outside gets inside and then it’s hard to keep ones’ spirits up. Hugs.

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