Sans Weeds

I don’t say “No” very well.  I am learning, in fact I have said no more in the last few months with this job than I have in probably forever.  I had to say no to a contract job for October.  Not that I wouldn’t have the time come October but all of the planning and leg work needs to happen now.  I owed my contact a phone call on Friday and just didn’t make it because I didn’t want to say no.  But I also didn’t want to do the job.

So after stewing all weekend which probably played into the overall sucky-ness of the weekend I made the call today and let her know I did not have the bandwidth to do this project.  I forwarded her all of my contacts and the legwork I had done so far and just like that it was off my plate. Sheeewww.

Which made my afternoon and evening much more productive.  I worked until 4:30, got completely caught up (for the moment) and then headed home.  With a full day under my belt and coming home to find my brother Dale had mowed all three yards (yea Dale!!) I went ahead and spent the next three hours weeding the same overgrown flowerbed that I didn’t quite finish a few weeks ago.  One down, several to go, but a good day overall.


One Response to “Sans Weeds”

  1. Katherine Says:

    It’s good to say no. It’s good to be da king. 🙂

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