It is kind of funny, in a sarcastic and not funny way at all, that when I logged in to blog the last post was called “Day” of Summer.

Because that’s exactly what we had yesterday an 80 degree sunny Summer day.  It was my Sunday market and it was a fantastic day.  Today I had about two hours in the office and was back home before 11am.  I thought about working in the yard but it was pouring and in the low 60’s.  Instead I did three loads of laundry and did a whole lot of nothing.  Hours in fact of reading/napping/watching tv/repeat.

I get told (lovingly) by friends and family that I don’t relax enough.  That I don’t just “take it easy”.  Well that’s what today was…..yawn.  I was pretty bored not doing anything.  Don’t get me wrong I managed, any day with two naps in it has got to be considered a relaxing day.  I just prefer to relax by being busy, to have projects I am working on.  Wednesday maybe I’ll tackle a project or three.

However today was a good down day.  I have my long market day tomorrow and I am really hoping the rain holds off.  Its Hawaiian day so I went to Goodwill this evening and got this shirt for five bucks.  I had picked up 10 boxes of leis from the party supply store on my way home from work this morning….I think sun is definately needed for Hawaiian day tomorrow.

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