Relaxing Wednesday

That was my goal for today, a relaxing Wednesday.  Yesterday was a very busy and hectic market with about 4,000 people through it and lots going on.  I was pretty exhausted and looking forward to going straight to bed and having a productive/relaxing day today.

I started with a cup of coffee on the deck then showered and headed to the park to walk with Charla.  With my weekends booked by the markets this Summer there have been very few walks in this park.  Once I got home I cleaned the kitchen and did a little appliance re-arranging to hopefully a more efficient set up.  I did head back out to the deck and read for a little while before cleaning the pool.  Then I pulled two yard bags full of weeds before heading to my yoga class.

I got several cake orders today.  One for next week wanting mini cupcakes and a pregnant fondant doll like this one.  Well, not exactly like that one, but that is the one that inspired the order.  I also got a gluten-free birthday cake ordered for this weekend.  I have been working on the gluten-free stuff and it is becoming quite popular at the market.

I am not actually signed up for the market this weekend.  I am scheduled to work the torch light parade for the fourth year in a row.  I am kind of leaning toward doing the market instead, for several reasons.  One is I have this cake order due Saturday already and I could also use the money (assuming everything sells.)  The other is I never get home from Torch Light until 11 pm and it is another 10 hour day on my feet.  I would then have to be at the market by 9 am Sunday morning and that would make for a very tiring day.  I don’t have to decide tonight and there is still plenty of time to shop and pick up the market if I decide to do the market instead of the parade.

There is not a smooth transition to end this post, so I’ll just leave you with this brand new (wings still wet) dragon-fly from this mornings walk.  It ended up being my 365 photo for the day.  What is really strange about this is that last year, this week, I had a post of “week in pictures” and we saw one of these at the same park same week last year.

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