one, two, three friends and more

I am a lucky (and very tired) girl.  This has been a busy week and besides working and getting things done around home I also got to see a few friends.

Wednesday I got to walk with Charla and catch up.
Thursday Mary came over and cleaned the pool and I dyed her hair.
Friday Vivian helped me bake and prepare for vending on Saturday.  Also on Friday Tonya and Briana answered a spontaneous last-minute text for dinner with a “Yes” and drove out to meet me.
Saturday Azea showed up and helped me at the market, unexpected but nice to have help.  Later in the day on Saturday Dale took the dogs to the park while I took a nap and then Katherine brought pizza over and we got to hang out and visit.  She was also kind enough to stop and pick up dog food for me saving me a trip.
Sunday Dale came up to the market and help me set up then came back at the end of the day and helped break down, he also did the park run again.

This week there is already a Storm game on tap Thursday with Shaunda and Jamie.


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