Fence repair on a budget

The guy who owned this house before I bought it cut some corners to say the least.  When he built the back fence he went into the neighbor’s yard and braced the fence he was putting in with eight foot 4×4’s into the blackberry bushes.  To keep them in place in the neighbor’s yard he braced the braces with big tires.

The little old lady who lived there didn’t care or notice or who knows but its her sons living in it now and they of course have cleared out the blackberry bushes and to remove the tires they had to remove the supports holding up my fence.

Today I bought some quickcrete thinking I could pull up the posts, dig down and re-cement them in.  I did dig down about three feet along the section that was falling.  The posts never were cemented in.   The bottom three feet of the fence (underground) was just rotted out plywood.  It crumbled with any movement at all.  I climbed through the hole in the bottom of the fence to talk to Mike and Danny who are building their own fence around the yard starting on the other side.  The fence that looks pretty “normal” from my side looks like crap from their side.  Plants I thought went from the ground to the top of the fence in fact are two pieces that join at the brace.  It is just a hot mess. Once they get to my side I will chip in and deal with the new fence at that time.

For now Dale and I screwed some of the cedar left from my deck project across the hole to keep the dogs in.

We will work on the fence that separating my two back yards later in the week as I dug it out as well but it is less daunting.  The 40 bucks I spent on materials today should about cover that one.  The goal is to get these fences sound before the fall weather starts pounding on them and spending mostly sweat equity!


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