Saturday party options

Does the title sound like I have it going on?

Today was market day (as a vendor not a manager.)  The weather was beautiful and I sold quite a bit but not everything.  I came home with quite a bit of stuff, but at least Dale and Colleen are back to help “dispose” of it all.  There didn’t seem to be as many people today as previous weeks, however a profit was made and fun was had.

I got home and unloaded the truck.  Washed all the trays and put everything away, then the options for the rest of the day came into play.  There was the annual lake party I could go to.  Also a play at Act theater with Katherine that I could choose.  There is also a laundry list of things to get done.  1) fix the fence 2) fix the other fence 3) water, weed the garden 4) clean the pool 5) anything and everything in the house.

The question was what to choose.  The lake party was ahead on the list and perhaps if I had read the post from last year I would have packed up my extra baked goods and headed out.  I had so much fun with Katherine last Saturday night and am not seeing much of her so that was also on the top of the list. However I did nothing.

Literally.  Nothing.  Sat on the deck for a while playing with my iPad.  Came inside when the sun got to be too much and continued on that path but in a chair in the living room.  This went on for several hours while all the chores, errands and parties were ignored.

But my “work” week starts tomorrow morning and that is all I had in me was a little down time.

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