After a full day at the market, where Dale and Colleen came and volunteered we came home and grilled.  They picked up corn and some veggies at the market to grill, I stopped and picked up this piece of Salmon on my way home.

Once all the veggies were prepped and a cedar plank soaked in water I fired up the grill and we put everything on.  Pretty much that is when the gas ran out.  Doh!  I took the canister up to Lowes and replaced it, returned home and hooked it up so we could finish grilling this yummy dinner.

On the up side.  I am prepared with a full tank of gas for any emergency cooking this winter if/when we lose power.

2 Responses to “Grilling”

  1. mary montgomery Says:

    what a perfect summer picture.

  2. canyon cottage Says:

    That looks good! Just stopping by t catch up on posts that I haven’t read in forever. You are so busy girl! I have a similar fence situation, the neighbors haven’t removed anything yet, but when they do it will be big repair time. Hope you are well.

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