Head over Heals

I’ll just put this out there first.  I am fine and you can go ahead and laugh.

I just have to say I am glad we are having such beautiful, sunny, hot weather this week.  This morning when I got home from the dog park I went out to the pool to change the vacuum.   I wanted to take out the barracuda and put on the regular head so I could get the last of the pool cleaned.

Instead of taking the entire thing out and putting in the one I wanted I pulled the bottom off of the hose, leaving the hose under water and ‘tried’ to put the other head on while leaving the hose underwater as it was still hooked to the pump.

It was attached to the extension pole (an unbending metal pole.)  Not a very flexible endeavor, I leaned over just a little to far and went head first into the pool, in the deep end, fully dressed including tennis shoes.  I came up with skinned knees and laughing.

3 Responses to “Head over Heals”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Everyone should tumble into water and come up laughing at least once in their lives.

  2. canyon cottage Says:

    That looks cool and refreshing! Its been really hot here, I wouldn’t mind falling into a pool!

  3. Della Says:

    LOL that’s funny sister, I could totally see that happening. Glad you’re ok! 🙂

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