berries berries

The end of the day tonight at work was loading all of these flats of berries into my truck.  The beginning of the day tomorrow will be to take them to the Salvation Army Food Bank.

Usually I have a volunteer from the food bank pick them up.  But with this many flats the vendor needed a receipt to be able to donate them.  It is worth my time on my day off tomorrow to take them in.  If not he would probably take them back to the farm and they would end up in the compost heap.

Today was a very busy day at the market.  It is hard to believe there are only 3 markets left of the season.  It is definitely different from any job I have had in the past few decades.  It is actually closest to working at the cannery or on a fishing boat than any of my corporate jobs.  The work is very physical like the jobs of my younger years.  The hours are also quite varied.  I’m sure the off-season hours will be pretty set and closer to a nine to five, four-day a week schedule.  It has been a summer full of very very fresh produce and lots of flowers.  The fringe benefits are pretty great.

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  1. Charla Rupp Says:

    yes ty for sharing your fresh with us!!

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