At yesterday’s market my vendor DeGrow had these beautiful Crocosmias.  Being my love of hummingbirds and she indicated these were, and I quote, “a hummingbirds wet dream” I splurged and bought three of them.

Now to just get them planted in the fine line between Summer and Fall.  Where there are so many projects that need to be done both inside and out that the weather for the day really does indicate which project I will be working on.

Today was a little pool cleaning and some weeding.  I cut all the branches off a volunteer ash tree I am going to pull out and put a filbert tree in its place.  Now I get to figure out where to plant these sweet little things as well.

2 Responses to “Splurge”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Beautiful! Are they bulbs? Will they have little bulb babies?

  2. Chari Hug Says:

    We have lots of those here in sunny Cali. Beautiful.

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