Its a Wrap

So goes my first season as the farmers market coordinator.  Yesterday was the last Tuesday market of the year and it was a very long, tiring and exciting day.  All of the vendors and volunteers were genuinely appreciative and thankful and it made for a very fulfilling day.

But I’m tired.  My feet hurt today.  It will be a shift back into the office, in fact I was in for eight hours on Monday and that was a little different.  But today I am off work, it is gorgeous outside and I had a great interview this morning and am having coffee with Mary later to celebrate her turning 40 yesterday.

Tomorrow (to quote Scarlett) I will get back into the office groove, the fall groove, the “normal” routine and perhaps I can conquer some of this ongoing to do list.  In the mean time, I should be able to blog more often than once a week.

One Response to “Its a Wrap”

  1. Johnnie O. Says:

    Congratulations on your First Season! I hope all is well. Best, J.O.

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