It smells like a rat

ok, actually it doesn’t that would be even worse…

However I think we have a rat trapped in the house.

A few weeks ago, I picked a few tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.  I had placed them on the table in the kitchen.  The next morning a tomato was gone. I asked Dale “How was the tomato” and got “what tomato” as an answer.  I knew I hadn’t eaten it but still spent a good deal of brain power rethinking the night before but could not remember eating the tomato.  Later in the day I found it, under the table with a few little bite marks in it.

That was my first indication but I thought it was a mouse.  You know, little tomato, little punctures.  My second indication was Wednesday when I got home from my interview.  I will back up enough to say that on Tuesday’s last market I got tomatoes from a vendor.  Twelve not all perfect, a few not quite ripe, but they were on the counter waiting to be made into sauce.

So back to my second indication, Wednesday when I got home I was walking through the living room and on the floor behind the couch was a tomato.  It did not just have a few small bite marks it was destroyed. A good quarter of it was gone and there were little bits of tomato skins all over the floor.  I showed Dale who thought maybe one of the dogs got it.  But besides the question of how they would get it off the counter I moved the couch aside and said neither dog would tear off little bits of tomato skin and stuff them under the couch.

The plan then was to set a trap that night, oh and to deal with the tomatoes.  None of that happened.  So Thursday morning I came downstairs to a tomato massacre on the counter.  I am talking about eleven tomatoes all with bite marks.  Three of those having big chunks eaten out of them.  One of them clear across the counter and a chasm taking up half of the tomato and the counter strewn with tomato skin bits.

All of the tomatoes went into the yard waste bin and the counter was throughly scrubbed.  Two traps were purchased.  At this point my thought of having a little mouse in the house changed to a rat.  Because a little mouse could not have eaten that much of the tomatoes.

I set a trap on the counter where the tomatoes had lived for two days.  I baited it with peanut butter and went to bed.  This morning when I went downstairs I hesitated before turning the corner, readying myself for a trapped rat on the counter.  Instead I found an empty trap, the peanut butter was gone but it was not tripped.  The counter got another scrubbing and tonight there will be another attempt.  Dale may I have point, I need to bait it with a tomato.

2 Responses to “It smells like a rat”

  1. mary montgomery Says:

    .a few thought, prepare yourself you won’t like them. So, either you A mouse with ADD and a vitamin deficiency or the one that got the tomato from the other night was the scout, and then the 12 tomatoes were attacked by the rest of its family

  2. Johnnie O. Says:

    You have a family of Italian rats. Bait the traps with fresh mozarella, a bit of basil and just a zhosh of extra virgin olive oil.

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