Quick rodent update….for those of you thinking I must live in squalor.  We set traps for a few nights.  Baited with tomatoes cause clearly our rodent problems have a mediterranean flair.  For the first couple nights nothing.  Each morning the traps were in tact.  Sunday morning however the tomatoes were gone and the traps empty, one not even tripped.  Off I went to Lowes to by a different brand of trap, but they had the same one I already purchased.  Instead I bought a r.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s.l.y expensive electric trap.  You put four C-batteries in it and peanut butter in the back.   The mouse or rat crawls in and gets electrocuted.  It has been turned on for the last couple of nights and nothing.  I don’t even know what to do or say.

Moving on…..

Sunday Dale and I worked on the fence project a little.  Getting one of the posts re-set and mixing two bags of cement to secure it.  Lets see, now just 4 more posts to fix, plexiglass to remove and screening to put up.

I borrowed Katherine’s carpet cleaner while she is off on a business trip and I am watching Sophie.  So last night when I got home I cleaned carpets.  Now to just keep that fall/maintenance ball rolling.



One Response to “Maintenance”

  1. Chari Hug Says:

    You will get that rascal eventually. I’m so curious to see what this smart rodent looks like.

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