Under Pressure

I have mentioned in the past that I work better under pressure.  That is part of why printing and financial printing as work fitted my personality so well. 

This also goes for getting random things done.  The more I have to do, the more I get done.  With little to do or “just enough” I get nothing done but contemplating getting it done.  I have a ginormous order for Saturday morning and am also baking for the last farmers market of the season.  All of the baking will  happen on Friday so everything that I want/need to get done before then needs to happen now.  (Insert Pressure)

Last night I manged to get my bedding washed and changed, the house vacuumed and the pool cleaned, all after walking Missy, Maisie and Spyder.  I made an ingredient list that I will stop and get part of on the way home tonight. Then under the consistent pressure of the week I plan on getting lots of frosting made tonight along with some other random house chores just to round things out.

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