Living off cupcakes


Not literally, but seriously!

I had a huge order this weekend.  I made in one day of baking, what I generally make in an entire week with my paying job.  Granted once you take out my time and ingredients that is an exaggeration, but still it was fantastic and crazy all at the same time.

On Friday I made 68 dozen cupcakes and 800 corn muffins.  Also a few dozen cookies.  Most of this was for an order, the rest was for the last day of the market.

Saturdays market was great.  There was the chili cookoff, beautiful sunshine and my booth was at the exit in a great location so I had lots of traffic and sold out.  It was such a great way to end the season.  With the money I was able to pamper myself with breakfast out and a pedicure with Katherine.  I also took Missy to the soggy doggy, paid off my upcoming airfare, the last payment on my tires, bought groceries and a new sonicare and put a little in savings.  It may not sound like much but I got a deal on the sonicare because target had the price posted wrong but they honored it and I spent seventy-eight bucks on groceries (that is more than in the last two months combinded.)

I don’t have any big orders coming up but I managed to calculate the ingredients pretty well and didn’t end up with a lot left over.  It is a good time to re-evaluate the up-coming year and license renewal.  I really do enjoy all the baking but both years now by the end of the season I am ready for a break.  In a few weeks I’m sure I’ll be ready for any and all holiday orders.

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