I am still working on the “move the craft room” project.  Truthfully it had stalled and I had a little sewing project to do this week, once that was done I got some more sorting done.  It is looking pretty good, freeing up a room to rent and purging some unneeded things.

What I won’t purge is some of the writing back up.  When I am writing a short story or a poem it is done with pen and paper.  I have several workbooks full of poem iterations and then the final outcome.  The writing of poetry seems to be a process best done by hand.  This blog nonsense is never done by hand except for the occasional note jotted down to trigger my failing peri-menopausal memory.

I got some poetry written earlier in the year when I tried that write something/anything with random words each day.  But that project went off the rails pretty fast because although a picture a day is pretty damn easy fitting in a piece of writing a day didn’t last more than a couple of weeks. 

Perhaps I should adjust that to one a week and it would be easier to maintain.  But not until this attempting to post a blog everyday for the month of November with traveling and lack of internet access is over.

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