Otherwise known as the end of daylight savings this weekend we got to reclaim the hour we gave up in Spring.

I’m not sure where the other 8 hours came from today because it really did feel like I had more than one extra hour today.  Every time I checked the time, it seemed like the clock had only moved a fraction of the time that I “felt” had passed.

It started out early, I made 450 cupcakes to donate to a fundraiser for CryOut.  It is an art program for at risk youth, they also do tutoring and mentoring.

I had all of these completed and ready to go by 1pm.  Once they were picked up I gathered Katherine from the airport, then puttered around the house and went to Lowes and picked up some project stuff.

The day just kept going and going.  After all that it was only 5pm so Viv and I went and got sushi and I sill had time to prep some veggies for the week and watch several hours of the Food Network.

Heading to bed I realized “NaBloPoMo”  how could I have so much time today, and yet I’m squeezing in blogging at the end of the day.  I just want an extra hour every Sunday…..how can we get that to happen?

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