The ship is listing, tipping toward starboard, bobbing in the surf
tossing everything not tied down.

When I have lots to do I tend to make lists.  I used to make lots of lists, lists of lists if you will.  I had less time to get things done so I was better organized and actually got them done.  Now I just have this constant dialogue in my head of things that need to get done.

There are always new things surfacing.  Items that need to be re-done so they never leave the list (like weeding or picking up dog crap) so the list is never-ending.  I don’t get near enough of it done when it’s not actually on a list.  Writing it down tends to help organize the items and the order in which to get them crossed off that list. 

I leave in four days for a much-needed break from all the things on that list, however the pressure to get some of them completed before I leave so they are not waiting for when I get back is there.  Today I am actually going to write them down, organize them so they can stop bouncing off the inside of my skull and perhaps I can focus on getting some of them completed.

There will be plenty to do when I get back, getting ready for company and Thanksgiving along with at least two prepaid Thanksgiving orders to focus on right when I get home.

I will however spare you from the list.  Really who wants to read my list of chores instead of just making their own.  All you really need to know is I actually love everything on these lists.  The chores, the planning, the projects, they are more than just things to get done.  They are my “me” time.  I am sure that is why this weekend felt so fantastic, it was all projecty, plany, me time.

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