Todays writing prompt for NaBloPoMo is have you ever had a traumatic experience.  I almost laughed.  Life is full of trauma, at least my life has been.

A few of the early ones I have documented here and here.  However the more violent traumas I don’t put on this blog.  Not to protect myself from the stories because I’ve come to terms and acceptance with all of them.  But to protect myself from the look I would then perceive in the eyes of people who know me but didn’t know “that” or “that” or heck no not “that” about me as well.

I know that is all very vague.  But that’s what it is.  Most of those trauma’s are against my person.  My Soul.  But they are what made me who I am.  Strong, compassionate and try not to judge (although fully admitting that this peri-menopause is making so much more judgy judgy.) 

However the biggest Trauma in my life still hands down is losing my mom so young.  I got to tell her about one of those unmentionable “that’s” up there but so much more I needed her for in life.   I am just lucky that in the short time I had her she tought me to value myself and that I was worthy of the world.

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