Daylight be-gone

Didn’t I just praise the long weekend.  The fact that the one extra hour made it seem like the day went on forever and ever.   What that one super long weekend netted us however is pitch blackness at what seems like NOON. Ok, so that is an exaggeration but not by much. 

I am working on some home improvement/get things off this list/I have a tenant lined up/hurry up already, in the evenings.  The last two nights when I got home from work I changed and started working BEFORE walking the dogs and when I have emerged from the basement at what seems still early enough to walk I am stumbling through the dining room for the light cause I’ll be damned if I can’t see a thing.

There ended up being no walk either day.  I just kept working as it was just to dark and cold (3 cheers for Fall.)  The plan is to walk them before painting the bathroom tonight.

I finally patched a hole in the ceiling that Kim and I put in when the upstairs drain was leaking (shortly after buying the house 8 years ago.)  Ya I know…..slacker.

The plumber who fixed it put in a new drain altogether and the pipe comes down below the top of the sheet rock.  So when I was measuring and trying to place the patch so I could screw it in I had to carve out a spot in the patch for the pipe to fit.  But McGyver it I did (I was channeling Kim Kelly,) got it placed, screwed into the studs, taped, mudded, texturized and tonight I paint.

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