It was a productive week in the off hours from work.  This bathroom project started on Monday with putting in a drywall patch.

Tuesday I removed the washer and dryer, prepped walls for painting with spackle and texture.

Wednesday was painting and Thursday I installed the new floor and put the appliances back.

When I get home from my trip I will buy a new sink, mirror and light and get them installed.

I am loving this floor and there is enough to do Dales room as well.

The last of the wallpaper is now out of the house.  The only room not stripped when we bought the house is now free of wallpaper and getting ready for paint.

What I know today is my bathroom which has needed paint for quite some time may just have to be next on the list because this room looks fantastic!

2 Responses to “Floored”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Looks lovely. Is that a laminate floor? Were you concerned at all about moisture?

  2. Helpers | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] sub floor today and once they are done painting will replace the floor with the same material I put downstairs a few years ago, re-install the toilet and replace the sink that was in there and cracked since I bought the […]

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