Friday, I am getting ready to leave for the airport.  I need to call Chari to find out if we are going to dinner with her son as soon as I land because that would determine if I wear jeans or yoga pants onto the plane.  But all of a sudden my phone is dead…Uncaught Exception Index 9 >=9  error.

I took out the battery, I took out the sim card, I could not get this logged on for anything.  I used Dales phone to call Chari, she phoned back and then called T-Mobile who called me back.  After 30 minutes on my brother’s phone with T-Mobile and then the Blackberry folks, the call had been transferred without my account info and nothing could be done.  Nothing, I had to leave for the airport, in yoga pants at this point cause I didn’t even know IF we were going to dinner.

I got to the brand new Sacramento airport.  Newly finished, newly opened, quite large and I have no idea where Chari is, nor to I have a friggen phone to call her.  I was about to lose it.  I was frustrated, I was lost, I had no phone and was becoming even more aware of the dependence on the thing and my period started 6 damn days early!!!

Chari brought a spare droid with her.  She could see me wondering around like a lost child dragging my bag behind me.  I was on the opposite side of the building.  You can load from an East curb or a West curb.  She had already been to one and was now at the other and just knew if she drove all the way out and back around I would then be gone.  She couldn’t leave her truck there but a security guard agreed to go get me.  I actually turned and started the other way and she was yelling for me.  Needless to say I finally heard her and in the expansive building could not tell where her voice was coming from.  I was looking around for her and I swear the voice was behind me until I turned back around and she yelled “the other way.”

I got in her truck and she handed me a spare Droid Vibrant that she has and I put my sim card in it and we headed for sushi with her son.

Once we got back to Chari’s place I tried re-booting the phone again, spent some time on the phone and internet with T-Mobile.  I played with the Droid a little, there is a lot of stuff on there and today we ended up going to a T-mobile store for help.  I was told we needed to restore the operating system on my blackberry and they emailed me a file to do this with.

I of course could not down load this on my MAC as it was an exe program so it is on Chari’s now.  We have been working on this for hours now.  It is not looking good, I will not be able to get my contacts transferred and will need to input them all in the Droid manually.  The reset screen has now been on “initializing device” for about 30 minutes.  (also T-Mobile is “upgrading” and I can’t seem to get the droid set up either)

It just reminds me of last November when I flew down and my computer was dropped and I lost everything.

OTHER then all of that, its been a great day down here.  We went to breakfast and shopping and a fantastic walk with the dogs in the beautiful Summer weather  (not really Summer, but if you live in Seattle the 67 degrees might as well be)  Chari made a lovely salad for dinner while I played with this phone for hours.

I got nothing else for now.  Got no phone, may not have your number anymore, heading to bed to deal with this again tomorrow.

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