Today I spent at the hospital visiting with Chari and her room-mate waiting for more pain meds (them, not me.)

I peaked at the NaBloPoMo prompt just to give myself something to maybe write in my head while I sat there.  The plan being I could then capture it tonight when I got back to Chari’s house.

The prompt was about your favorite place.  It actually wasn’t that easy to come up with, although most of the answers had to do with water.

I traveled to Italy with Diane in the early 90’s.  There was so much I loved about that trip.   Pompei was amazing and impressing and has stuck with me for twenty years.  The art in Florence the country side so much of Italy was simply amazing but it was in Venice, the city on the water where I wanted to stay, where I actually thought I could stay here find a job never go back.

I think of my “favorite” place growing up and “Haines” just doesn’t cover it.  But hanging on the rugged beach for days on end, swimming in the glacier melt and just exploring comes closer.  Everything up there is water.  Water surrounds everything and IS everything because we were up there for the fishing.

I spent my life on the West Coast, the waters of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Northern California.  However the Atlantic Ocean is amazing and holds a special place in my heart.  It is different to have the sun rise as opposed to set over the water.  Water is where we put my moms ashes and pretty much any body of water I consider a place to “visit” with her as all water flows together.

Although Mary and I spent two weeks all over the North island in New Zealand, it is the time sitting on the beach in Napel watching the Pacific Ocean that I first think of when recalling the trip.

So although Venice, Napel, Haines, Kure Beach, Yahats or Crescent City are nowhere near each other geographically they are all my “favorite” place and the common thread is in the water.

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One Response to “Water”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Totally makes sense, little fishy. 🙂

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