Just start typing, it’s a directive to get this blog going….  ok now what.

Chari is still in the hospital.  I just did some grocery shopping for when she gets home and am sitting under her dogs trying to type this.  She will most likely will be home tomorrow.  There is still a lot of pain, hopefully just from the procedure but it is hard to know.  Her room-mate was transferred out today to a re-hab floor for another week as she is not handling the pain well.  Hopefully that means Chari will sleep in between each nurse interruption without the constant chatter and moaning from the roomie.

My 365 photos for the last few days are just these cute dogs because that’s all there has been, dogs and hospital, more dogs, more hospital and I tell you Chari is NOT letting me take one of her for while in the hospital.

Tomorrow is another day.  I can’t believe how exhausted I am so I am scooping up these little bed warmers and heading to bed.

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