Feast Planning

What does one do while watching over their just operated on honey sleep, heel and ask for narcotics.  Well plan Thanksgiving dinner is an option.

I spent so much time on recipe.com yesterday that I was actually overwhelmed with recipes and ended up with lots of new stuff but no decisions by the end of it all.

Dinner is at my house, there are at least 14 people coming.  There will be the usual fair and dinner will actually be early because Della and Amber both work the next day.  There will be family, friends and out-of-town guests that I have never met.  Sounds like a fun and busy day!

A younger me would be stressing that I only had a place setting for 12, the older me is thinking this would be a great year for paper plates!  They seem like a waste but are also able to go into the yard waste bin and would extremely limit the amount of times I have to run the dishwasher and reduce clean up tie.

I get home Sunday and will have time to finalize the menu and shopping list.   I also need to bake a Thanksgiving order of pumpkin bars and pecan pie by Wednesday.  I do get a four-day weekend after all this cooking and preparation as I don’t have to work on Friday.  Not only do I not have to work, but its a paid holiday.  After working more days after Thanksgiving then not this feels quite decadent.

Now while I’m hanging out on the bed surfing for recipes, the food network just started a Thanksgiving show.  Guess I’ll actually start making menu and shopping list and plan this years feast.



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