Delegating Dinner

I used to love entertaining.  Planning a menu, theme, event, or party.  Halloween parties, dinner parties, superbowl…parties.

Part of that was always planning fabulous food for people.  Providing a good meal for people I love has always been fulfilling.  I have never been a fan of potlucks.  There are several reasons, one being I would prefer to plan the menu with foods that compliment each other and you don’t always get that with a potluck.  Another reason being if I am serving people I view it as a gift.  When its a potluck its like asking for someone to pay for their gift.

I am no longer in a position to gift this “gift” to the people I love, I don’t have the funds to do it.  Thanksgiving this year is being done completely different (for me.)  Different parts are coming from different people.  I have no doubt it will be a good time, that the company will outshine the meal.

I will still have plenty to do and parts I am cooking, but it’s just not the same.  Oh I have heard all the arguments…”people want to feel included”  “its about the company”  “its more equitable”  perhaps all of those are true but not nearly as enjoyable to me.

However I have delegated Thanksgiving, it will be fantastic.  I should also be able to both sleep in and get a work out in before people get here since what I am cooking will either be done ahead of time or at the very last minute.

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