Waxing Philosophical

I awoke with this strange feeling of what is the ‘purpose’.  Perhaps it was the deluge of water and grey skies that I didn’t want to get out of bed, ever.

If our ‘purpose’ on this planet is to continue the species then I have failed miserably.  If however we are given or have developed a higher intelligence to be able to choose not to procreate there must still be some purpose.  Just survival does not seem noble enough. 

Passion comes to mind.  There are people who have passion in the work they do and this gives them a purpose.  Others who pour that passion into raising their children, readying them to go out and find their own purpose.

So what am I passionate about, a reason or a purpose.  I find passion in my relationships.  My friends and family.  I find passion in nature and projects and learning.

I need to scratch up some “passion” i.e. “purpose” today.  I have a couple of baking projects tonight and that feels like a highlight.  I will also have dinner and spend time with a friend.   Until then, get out of bed and go to work.  Find some purpose in this severely wet grey day.

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2 Responses to “Waxing Philosophical”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Not to get too cliche with the “it takes a village….” thing, but you HAVE procreated. You just haven’t produced your own offspring. You’ve contributed to the raising of many children and at least one adult that I know of (sigh). Your purpose seems to be to love so many people and find the good in them and make their lives better. No questions about that. I was about to say your purpose just isn’t really connected to your occupation right now, but that’s not even true. Look how much your market volunteers love and depend on you! Don’t let the outside grey creep in and obscure how much you bring to the worlds of those you love and who love you. Hugs.

  2. Charla Rupp Says:

    wow v k is right you do everything a mother does to everyone in your life you have spread the love most need to pro create to cultivate.. i love u v!

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