90% Complete

I was going to go help Tonya and Briana clear gutters today but got a text this morning saying the weather was not cooperating.  Instead I stayed home and worked on the downstairs painting project.

I put a second coat on the closet before the Seahawks game.  It looks pretty good and I completely ran out of the quart of paint I got for the project.  Then I turned on the game and both teams played so poorly that I nearly left the game.  But we were tied or ahead for a good part of it so I kept watching through each interception and blocked field goal.  With a minute twenty-four seconds left when it was clear we were loosing that puppy I headed downstairs to paint the walls.

After cutting around the ceiling with a brush I rolled out the walls.  Because it was now dark outside the only light was from the ceiling bulbs and so it was hard to tell how the coverage is.

I don’t go into work tomorrow until 11:30 so I should be able to touch it up in the morning and call it a finished project.  My new tenant (Viv) will be moving in come January and between her and Dales rent the ends of my finances should come a little closer to touching.

This project is almost done.  The room has been emptied, the wallpaper removed and now the walls painted.  A little touch up and a quick shampoo of the carpets and it will be done.

It is the same with the bathroom project.  Ceiling is patched, tub re-caulked, walls painted, floors installed and sink ordered.  It wont be long now.

2 Responses to “90% Complete”

  1. Vivian Says:

    The room. My room is… beautiful. Can’t wait to try and cram my stuff in there. 🙂 Thank you.

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