Running fast with sleep and liquids

I did mention going to a movie on Saturday….into public, full of germs!

By Saturday night I had a scratchy throat.  I drank a couple extra glasses of tea and water and got ten hours of sleep in my attempt to thwart the oncoming cold.

Sunday I didn’t have a scratchy throat by my nose was a little stuffy.  Painting did not help the stuffiness by the way.

I got another solid nine hours of sleep last night.  I plan on drowning myself in green tea today in hopes that with the power of liquids and “mind over matter” I will not get a bloody cold!

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2 Responses to “Running fast with sleep and liquids”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Me too! I had a headache and sore sinuses and very scratchy throat. I took Umcka and went to bed. Felt better Sunday morning it seems to come back by the end of the day when I’m tired. Damned germy public!

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