The cold caught me.  I am only giving it a day or two and then I’m evicting it.  Besides having one side of my sinus stuffy and tight eyes I didn’t sleep very well last night.  I am hoping for better tonight out of sheer exhaustion if nothing else.

I went into work about 9:00 and left about 1:00 as I have two longer days coming up and I am on a seriously flexible schedule.  I went to target and bought myself a carpet cleaner so I don’t have to keep borrowing other people’s.

My walk this afternoon didn’t happen and as a result neither did a photo for my 365 project.  It is at 90% and I am now starting to think about next year.  Is this something I want to do again?  It was fun this year but did require some effort.

There is not a lot else going on to talk about. Sniffling and flipping channels is all that is on tap for tonight.  I can’t believe November is over tomorrow and then so will this blog something every day challenge.  Clearly I am running out of things to blather on about.  Sniffle.

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