Not only is it December, it is a week in.  Pearl Harbor day, Marvin Newtons birthday as well.  (Don’t ask, it’s a date thing…..)

This year has evaporated and before you know it I will be posting my annual “year in review” post.  That alone got me thinking about the year.  I started out with these month in review posts to try to remember what I had read that month or movies seen and music discovered.  But that ended abruptly when I got the job and my Spring was too busy to blog regularly let alone recap each month.

With that being said (or typed) I only have 25 days left in my 365 project!  It has been a lot of fun and flipping back through really provides a snap shot of the year.  I am considering doing it again next year, but on the other hand….maybe not.

If you participate in the yearly re-cap, it’s coming up.  In fact it will be here before you know it.

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