Red is what I’m thinking……for hair color.

I have a lot of grey, grey I actually like.  I also have issues with putting the chemicals in hair dye on my body. 

However, all I can think lately is Red, I need red hair.  WTF – right.

Nothing is planned, but with these hormones lately don’t you dare be surprised if I show up with red hair some day.

6 Responses to “Red”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Let me know if you need advice on how to do it. And remember, semi-perm, not perm. 🙂

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Let me know when you decide to do it so i can try and talk you out of it. ; )

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Vivian Says:

    I’ve been trying to picture red since you told me. I can’t see it, but Anita said you would look good no matter what you did to your hair. So, there’s that.

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