Sink Installed

There hasn’t been a sink in this bathroom since this happened.  Yes July 2009!

Well the sink I ordered for the downstairs bathroom arrived.  But there needed to be some plumbing done to the drain pipe as I chose a sink that would fit against the wall and not have the door hit it.  I suppose if I placed it where the old sink was and not have the door open all the way I could have bypassed need to cut and reset these pipes.

However that is not what I did.  After searching for a sink at the local hardware stores and a used housewares place none were perfect.  I wanted a sink that was narrow as the room is small, a base that was open on the side so I didn’t have to cut it and since I was going all fancy by fitting it in the room all proper like it might as well look nice.

I got the faucet at Lowes.  Matching the shape of the fixtures to the shape of the sink and the finish to the rest of the items in the room.

Yesterday a plumber I found on Craigslist came and fixed the pipes and installed the faucet.  Dale was home when all of this happened as I was at work.   (On a side bonus note, someone else came by and bought my fooseball table for about the same amount as the plumber)

Tonight the matching mirror I got with the sink and the towel racks I bought ages ago for this bathroom go up.  I will post another picture later but isn’t this a gorgeous sink.

One Response to “Sink Installed”

  1. Vivian Says:

    It is gorgeous!

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