Sink leaking and all things weekendy

This morning the carpet outside the downstairs bathroom as wet, not damp, wet.  Sure enough the installed sink (the pretty one in the post just below this) had been leaking.  It is leaking at the spot where you turn the water on and the hose connect.  I know the guy who installed was having an issue with the hot water in the same spot (now leaking is the cold)  I am guessing this is exactly what happened several years ago. 

The weird thing is its been fine for a few days.  Anyway, I turned off the water at the wall and did some clean up and left a note for my brother.  He was with the plumber who installed so hopefully he has some insight on what I need to replace or fix.

This weekend was busy yet I didn’t get much done.  I planned on working outside in the disaster that is my yard but it was too damn cold.  Instead on Saturday I helped Viv move a couple of loads.  Sunday I went to breakfast with Katherine and then went home, watched football and did a little cleaning. 

Not having anything actually planned or for that matter accomplished this weekend made it seem super long. 

On another note I played the blanket hokey pokey for the last few nights.  I put a cotton blanket under my duvet a few weeks ago because it was getting cold outside.  But the night hot flashes the last few nights have had me taking the duvet off; the blanket off; the blanket on; the blanket off; the blanket and duvet on; the duvet off; the duvet on; the duvet and blanket off; the blanket on; the blanket off; the duvet and blanket on; the duvet, blanket and sheet off; the duvet, blanket and sheet on… Repeat.  Then repeat again.  It’s almost as funny as it reads….almost.

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