Food Drive

We are having a food drive at work.  It is amazing, aggressive and depressing all in one fell swoop.

I brought what I had from my larder.  It was not much, but all I have.

They are trying to get 300 crates of food in 3 weeks.  The empty and rapidly filling crates are at every elevator bank including those in the garage.  Every few days they are emptied but today on the garage level there were cases and cases and cases of food.  A fellow employee was taking cash donations to go to Costco and buy in bulk.  I am assuming the bulk items on the garage level were from that trip.

There was a reminder email that came out a few days ago.  It re-stated the goal and divided it up by the number of employees just how much each needed to donate to make our goal. 

I am both amazed by this group of employees and humbled.

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