Tis the season

It’s different to be in the midst of holiday season without the holiday season rush or crazies.

There are no gifts this year so the shopping, the deciding, the trekking to and from and the wrapping are not happening. 

Dale and I did put lights up outside just after Thanksgiving and they are awesome to drive up and see.  Della will be bringing her fake tree with her on Friday and we will set it up and the kids will decorate it on Christmas eve.  I suspect it will be taken down and go right back home with Della after the long weekend.

Saturday night I went to a holiday party that included a “white elephant” gift exchange.  There were no parameters however so some people bought some gifts, some were re-gifts and then some were gag or used gifts.  I took a Cameo cd.  Not because I thought it was a gag, but because I owned two and one had never been played.  (It had been opened which was why it wasn’t returned when I realized I already owned the darn thing.)  What I brought home from this hilarious night of gift exchange was another cocktail shaker for my bar and another set of shot glasses.  I stole this gift (twice) during the game so I clearly wanted it and besides one can never have to many shot glasses, right.

Besides they ended up being a very late, attempt at artistic shot, oh hell I still need a 365 photo for today, picture at the end of the night.

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