I went for a run yesterday, in the dark, with my headlamp and probably looked as stupid as I felt.  Why is running so hard to stick to.  When I am doing it regularly there are more days to love it and less days that it sucks, although both exist.

It doesn’t take much gear and very little in the “time” category considering, but damn if it isn’t hard to lace up those shoes and go sometimes.

I was pretty high all day from the run and used a nice long dog walk in the afternoon to sort of work out the muscles that hadn’t been used that way in a while. 

It’s not as meditative as gardening is to me, but I am finding it is a distant cousin.  I am not signed up for another marathon at the moment but know that helps me hit the pavement more.  My current goal with so much time off in the next couple weeks is to fit more in and end the year running.

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