Christmas 2011

Christmas was rung in at midnight driving with Katherine home from the Custodio’s annual party.  The party is a tradition I don’t pass up if I can help it, even when my entire family has driven in for the holiday.  We had a really good time and when I got home at 1:00 to the entire family still up, still playing Wii along with other various games.  We finally all went to bed about 3:00 a.m.  Of course the children were up early to unwrap presents, so the day got under way!

It was very cool having 98% of the presents be for those little kids.  Of course Della got her kids presents as well, but it was just fun to sit and watch the kids.  Della and Tureaza made breakfast for everyone.  There were kids playing legos, Wii bowling matches, music burned for sharing, an endless Backgamon match, music – dancing and plenty of dog mayhem throughout the day.

Brock slow roasted a Rib Eye roast for dinner, again Della and Tureaza cooked the rest of dinner.  Everything was yummy and with all the meals today, I did not cook nor clean anything.  It was pretty great for me.  I did play bartender and make lots of lemon drops.

A ton of other random fun today, my baby sister straightened my hair so after that I spent the rest of the evening petting my hair.  For several hours we all played apples to apples and laughed.

There were bad videos of dancing posted on facebook.

Bandit is so damn cute, whenever he could get away from Spyder he would curl up under the tree.  This ended up being my 365 photo of the day.  (I only have a week left in that project.)

This dog, if my sister left it here I could easily fall in love with he is so sweet.  His fur is very coarse and he feels like a stuffed animal.

All in all it was a very fun Christmas, lots of simultaneous activities left little room for complaint or boredom.

The day flew by and here it is 3:30 a.m. again and I am just getting to bed.  Tomorrow looks like a repeat so I am wrapping this up with silly photobooth pics from the iPad after my hair was done.

From the top….Tureaza, Della, Me, Taylor.

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