Oh the bathroom that never ends

I worked on the downstairs bathroom.
I hired a plumber to deal with the leaky stem and drain issue.
I put in flooring, bought a sink, patched dry wall, mud and taped, painted, fixed electrical issues.  I hired a plumber to deal with shortening the sink drain.  I then repaired the leaky faucet line myself.

All was well.  Weeks of no issues.  Laundry and showering co-existing in this little bathroom that ‘could’……until it couldn’t.

Over Christmas there was a lot of traffic in the downstairs bathroom.  Seems my upstairs shower is not the shower of choice to guests.  (Whatever, I love my shower)

While I had lots of traffic in that shower there was always a soaking wet shower matt.  I thought while they were here it was just because so many people were using the shower.  But immediately after they left it was apparent there was more of an issue.  What is the issue is a completely new question.

I had Viv shower upstairs for a few days while I let the flooring and everything dry out.  Hoping to figure out what the deal was.  Even my doing laundry seemed to add to the wet floor and water squooshing (yes a word) through my newly applied lamminent flooring.

So yesterday Dale did laundry.  We were diligent in checking the floor during the and after each load.  No water.  I added another load in and still no water, no sign of water, nothing.  So I ran the dish washer.  Not that it is anywhere near the bathroom but hey its a water source AND it departure meets up with the same pipes heading out.  Nope nothing, no water.  Dale showered for work, I didn’t really think there would be an issue as he has used his shower all week and I was correct, no leaking water.  Viv came home from work and I had her shower in her own shower.  I went in with a paper towel and checked all the seams while she was in there.  I had her take the handle down (as she usually does not) and spray the walls and door and there was a small gap at the bottom of the door that lets out water.  Not in the quantities that were there when the family was over just a little bit.  I checked her floor an hour or so later, still no water.  I then used my own shower and went through the same thing.  There was no water on the floor, there was no sign of any water.  All was dry.

So at this point my thinking is was there was just a lot more water sprayed on the door and therefore leaking while we had house guests. 

Until this morning twelve hours after my shower and I get a text message from Viv that says, by the way my bath mat was soaked this morning.  I went down there and sure enough, the same sopping wet that was present before.  The towel she put down also wet and water coming up from between the just laid floor.

Now I’m thinking the drain under the stall is loose.  That the coupling shifted during all the extra activity during the holiday.  I am not sure however and am putting all this down here in part to have my sister show Brock. 

What I do know is it was fine, it is no longer.  The water is only in front of the shower stall and not the sink and/or washer.  I fear I have to rip the whole thing out.

3 Responses to “Oh the bathroom that never ends”

  1. Brock Says:

    I recommend swim fins and a snorkle, swimmies if ya got em. We can seal the basement and you’ll have a nice indoor pool! Why fight it, when you can swim it? 🙂

    Really, I see a few things it could be.

    1. Have someone who weighs more than 6lbs shower downstairs. ‘Cause let’s face it, Viv probably floats in the shower. Weight around the drain could be causing the seal to separate and leak. This is an easy fix. Just remove the drain, Spray expanding foam insulation under the shower pan around the drain for support, then reseal the drain. Done deal. The pan will no longer flex and cause a leak.

    2. The leak may be from your shower upstairs, leaking at the drain and following the pipe down through the wall and collecting on the basement floor where the pipe passes through concrete. Or the drain pipe coming from up stairs may have come loose or cracked, causing it to leak.

    3. Same scenario, but in Dale’s shower.

    I’m leaning toward scenario’s 2 and 3. Who took the last shower? That is likely the source of the leak. However, if the drains from your and Dale’s showers join in the floor upstairs, which they probably do, you’ll have to track down which one actually leaks. Unfortunately, the easiest way to do that is to remove the downstairs shower enclosure, and drywall (if there is any) so you can see the pipes and follow the water back to the source. Since all the water is coming from under the downstairs shower, I’m betting that the drain pipes run down the wall behind the enclosure. Bad, but not horrible.

    Let me mull this over a bit more and see if I can come up with a quick fix. In the mean time if you can try to pin down the leak, that will help. There isn’t much chance of a drain leak coming from Dale’s shower since it’s tile and doesn’t flex. Your enclosure is fiberglass and will flex, try stacking some weight around the drain (free weights if you have some in you gym, would work great) if not some of the landscaping bricks around your front flower bed would work too. You will need 180+ lbs to get a good flex. Run water, wait, check for leak……….repeat as necessary. It could take more than an hour for water to run, pool and begin to show.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Yuck, yuck, yuck. Almost worse than having the problem is trying to figure out what the problem is! Sorry. 😦

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