Black Bird Show

There is an image from this week that I can’t shake.  That actually makes it sound like I want to shake it but that is not the case.  I was sitting at my desk at city hall waiting for a late meeting, at an hour I generally am usually already home from work.  Looking out the window on the sixth floor window facing Northwest.  There were some pretty ominous looking black clouds outside.  However the light on the horizon, the sunset in fact was back lighting all of the clouds.  Slate greys, whites, orange and pinks were the colors.  The textures went from light fluffy air-filled clouds to heavy weighted looking dark clouds.

 Then from nowhere there were hundreds of black birds riding the current outside the window, diving down and lifting up, they just kept coming  by.  Perhaps they were flying around city hall in a circle but the show lasted at least ten minutes.

The colors of the sky, the colors of the clouds and the flight of the birds, I finally stopped watching because my 4:30 was about to start.  But all week at work I keep looking out the window, hoping to catch that show again.

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